PyCon 2014 APAC


BoF Application

PyCon APAC 2014 BoFs start to apply now!
And we are offering financial aid for BoF organizers, check it out

May 12 update: financial aid has ended.

BoF Session Application


4F, Social Science Building(HSSB), Academia Sinica


  • Time: Sat. May 17 18:00 to 21:00
  • Duration: 60 mins for each BoF

You may move your location if the time limit exceeds.


We will prepare desks, chairs, microphones and projectors to help you to host your BoF if you apply for it in advance.

Topics of BoF

Any topic that can benefit PyCon participants is welcomed. Take the following topics as examples:

  • TiP(Testing in Python) BoF
  • WF(Web Frameworks) BoF
  • Crawler BoF
  • Cython BoF
  • Jython BoF
  • PyPy BoF
  • Open Science BoF
  • App Engine BoF
  • Reliability BoF
  • Coroutine BoF
  • Py Startup BoF
  • Newbie BoF
  • Teach Me BoF

Special Financial Aid Plan

More information on its page.



Q: Don’t see a BoF that interests you?

Organize your own! Please send your proposal to, by briefly answering the following questions:

  • What is your topic?
  • How do you want to carry out the BoF? (general statement will be fine)
  • Is there anything that we can help you with?

Please also briefly introduce yourself and leave contact information; we will contact you after receiving the proposal.

Q: I am still not sure how to organize a BoF?

There are no strict rules about the style of BoFs, but the follwing are some principles you could follow:

  • The organizer gives a brief introduction at the beginning.
  • Have the lightning talks arranged beforehand.
  • Ask speakers of lightning talks to follow the “5-minute principle”.
  • Prepare some fun punishment for speakers who go over the time limit. For example, to have them drink a can/bottle of coke for every extra minute.
  • Leave enough discussion time for the attendees.

Lastly, some might ask: “Do all BoF proposals get accepted?” In short, the answer is “Yes”, as long as it is of benefit to the participants. However, due to limitations in time, equipment and location, we will only realistically be able to assist with about 10 BoFs. If there is an exceptionally large number of proposals, a selection will be made based on the amount of activity and expressed interest on each BoF’s discussion page. An official list of BoFs for which logistics support will be provided will be made available on 5/11, along with their times and locations.

Please do not worry if your proposed BoF is not on this list. You can still get together with those people with the same interest and hold a small BoF at your preferred time and location. After all, it is in the spirit of BoF to talk freely with people with similar interests!

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