PyCon 2014 APAC


Sponsor Show Time & Job Fair

This year, we are going to bring you perfect events for benefitting the relationship between participants and sponsors: Sponsor Show Time and Job Fair!

What is it?

Sponsor Show Time

Like a carnival, it is a party we encourage our sponsors to show their products, culture, and even what they can do for you! All you need to do is to walk around the booth area, take a look on what's going on there. We bet you will find something really impressing.

Hey, don't just look around! This event also encourages you to get involved and further socialized with our sponsors. You could exchange your name card, introduce yourself, and dig into their culture. This is definitely important because it will not only catch your eyes but also there is Job Fair coming right on next day.

Job Fair

After introducing the insight of those companies to you, Job Fair is the day we prepared for those looking for new opportunities, planning to cultivate new skills, or eager to work on gorgeous projects.

How about go through a face-to-face interview then?!

There are several tables just near the booth, so you and your interviewer an go through a deep communication from your career plan and what you wanna be. Don't hesitate to meet our sponsors, because we believe you can earn more from this.

When is it?

Sponsor Show Time:

May 17 13:30~16:00

Job Fair

May 18 13:30~16:00

Where is it?

4FC. Please refer to location Info.

Who will be there?

HDE Inc.





Keep updating ... : )

Other potential positions:

HDE, Inc. mongodb Google

Tagtoo Vpon Github Github Github

Quanta Research Institute

AcoMo Technology

CLBC KKTIX QSearch Python Software Foundation Open Source Software Foundry Young Optics Wolf Tea

QSearch Business Next Vpon Inside 硬塞的 DIGITIMES INNOMAMBO 創新曼波

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