PyCon 2014 APAC


Lightning Talk

Lightning Talk

 English (5min)
  • Manabu TERADA: Introduce edX platform, it's higher education system.
  • Keith Yang: The first rule of PyClab
  • Ken Hu:  Here's an idea: Show and Tell Coding

Chinese (5min)

  • Joe: BOF isn't Dead. Long live eating. (PIZZA!!)
  • Tom Chen:  Python and Live Music Performance
  •  周世恩: 窮人的BigQuery 
  • Chia-Chi Chang:  Call for PyData Series' Talk in MLDM Monday
  • Mosky Liu: ZIPCodeTW 以漸進或模糊的地址查詢郵遞區號
  • RSChiang:  Pelican: Clean and Simple Static Page Generation
  • 阮晉嘉:  Yet another one line code
  • San-Chuan "Leo" Hung:  NetworkX Network:  用NetworkX找出台灣公司網絡核心
  • 張仲威:  Cipher using python 
  • TJ Wei:  歡迎加入花蓮.py/蟒極客頒獎

Call for FTL talk

This year, we have a special 2-min "Faster Than Lightning Talk" event right after the normal lightning talks. You can submit your proposal at Hackpad: FTL-Faster-then-Lightning-Talk. You should provide the link to your slides file(which can be publicly downloaded).  The deadline is 5/17 15:30.

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