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What is BoF?

BoF, short for Birds of a Feather, is an informal gathering of people (birds) with similar ideas and interests. Logistics support will be given to registered participants who wish to organise a BoF on a topic of their own interest.

BoF Floor Plan

Registered BoFs

Information about each BoF can be found through the above links. On each BoF’s discussion page, please leave your name and enrolment number in the “Attendees” column if you are interested in attending, or in the “Organizers” column if you would like to be a co-organizer.

HDE, Inc. mongodb Google

Tagtoo Vpon Github Github Github

Quanta Research Institute

AcoMo Technology

CLBC KKTIX QSearch Python Software Foundation Open Source Software Foundry Young Optics Wolf Tea

QSearch Business Next Vpon Inside 硬塞的 DIGITIMES INNOMAMBO 創新曼波

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