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HDE, Inc.

HDE, Inc. (HDE) delivers an additional security layer to companies which are willing to move their systems into the cloud, but can not do so because they need a certain level of control over their security information. Our product/service, owning over 74% of market share in Google Apps targeted security service area in Japan, uses Python as a main language (along with some Erlang/C++/PHP).


MongoDB is a NoSQL database designed for how we build and run applications today using modern development techniques, programming models, and computing resources. As a result, it empowers businesses to be more agile and scalable, create new applications, improve customer experience, and accelerate time to market while reducing costs.


Google is a proud user and supporter of open source software and development methodologies. Google contributes back to the Open Source community in many ways, including more than 50 million lines of source code, programs for students including Google Summer of Code and the Google Code-in Contest, and support for a wide variety of projects, UGS, and events around the world. Learn more at



Tagtoo, a venture backed startup, specializes in online advertising innovation and image processing application. Founded in 2010, Tagtoo has launched “Tagtoo Image Tag” and “Tagtoo DirectBuy Adnetwork” advertising services specifically developed for e-commerce retailers with higher performance and better efficiency.

We are also the pioneer of Real time Bidding and Remarketing Advertising system in Taiwan.

Tagtoo is a member of the first Appworks batch and has pitched in IDEAS Show as well as NTU Startup Day.


Vpon Inc. founded in 2008, is the leading mobile advertising platform in Greater China. Vpon focus on the area of mobile advertising for mobile devices. With proprietary technology and operating advantages, big data processing and analysis capabilities as well as insights into mobile brand marketing, Vpon has expanded customer base to over 500 renowned brands including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, American Express and Citibank. With presence in over 750 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei, Vpon has over 180 million unique users and has raised some US$ 10 million in a recent round of venture capital funding. With subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong, Vpon is rapidly-growth mobile advertising platform in Asia and ranked 6th among China's top 100 unlisted small businesses (Forbes China, 2014).


GitHub is the best way to build software together. Whether it's your company's app, your favorite open source library, or a weekend side project, GitHub helps everyone work together better by providing tools for easier collaboration and code sharing. Catch up on what happened while you were out or ask for help on a tricky chunk of code. Manage and contribute to projects from all your devices. The best part is you can keep using all of your favorite tools. Start collaborating on code today—open source project hosting is free!


Zillians was founded in 2008. We are a team of hardcore developers with diverse backgrounds brought together with the common goal or building ultimate cloud service. We specialize in high performance computing, distributed and parallel computing system, and compiler development. We strive to become the leading cloud computing solution provider in Taiwan rendering world-class cloud service for the world. We build next-generation cloud architectures to support computation-intensive real-time applications based on HPC technologies.

We are commited to realizing our vision.

Appier Inc.

Founded in 2012, with a team of passionate computer scientists, data scientists, and online marketers, Appier dreams to make every advertisement part of contents that every user would love to enjoy. Our solid team is formed by members with substantial experience in data mining, Artificial Intelligence, and digital marketing from Google, Splunk, Intel, Yahoo, and renown AI research groups at Harvard and Stanford University. Now with presences in Taipei, Singapore and San Francisco, Appier aspires to utilize the power of technology to help our clients achieve their business goals and maximize their ROI in the global markets.


Quanta Research Institute

Quanta Research Institute (QRI) is Quanta’s research and development center for future technology and products; it is also the pioneering force in cloud innovation. Through collaboration with domestic and oversea R&D resources, QRI develops the latest technology, to strengthen Quanta’s core technology and create niche products.

Taking “Human Centric Innovation” as its motto, through research that is integrating Quanta’s product know-how and technology in servers, wireless connectivity and client devices; anyone can enjoy seamless cloud service, anytime and anywhere.


AcoMo Technology

AcoMo technology is the only one biotechnology company focusing on developing infants and kids electronic products in National Chiao Tung University Innovation Incubation Center (NCTUIIC). “Easy to use and fully care” is the ultimate target that AcoMo Tech. research and development team aim to. Developing a series of “MIT’s made in Taiwan quality boutique” but also upholding the original intention of the research and development groups from the heart. AcoMo’s products range covers from required-oriented infant care, high-quality electronic design research and development capabilities. Parents can easily use AcoMo Tech’s user-friendly boutique which can give every precious young lives 24 hours 365 days up in close care carefully.

Kent Hsu


Special Thanks

KKTIX for ticket service

Have a good day with great events! KKTIX, the online event registration service from KKBOX, is your event information center. With KKTIX you can discover events around you, and get the tickets at your fingertip.

CLBC for meeting space

CLBC, the best Coworking Space in Taiwan!
"24/7 Access available upon request."

The First commercial coworking space in Taiwan!

We mixed the "business center" + "VIP Lounge" + "Incubator Center" in a new concept, issued by the founder, Dr. Ching-Long Lin who think in view of the excellent creative talent and professional businessmen have to suffer to waste time looking for the office or business center because early start to limited funding. Than he make a decision to run coworking space for entrepreneur.

"Humanities" is our main spirit of this brand. the associated power between entrepreneurs. Also "Low-price", "High-Quality", "Comfortable" and "Premier Service"!

QSearch for social advertising

QSearch is like Google AdWords on Facebook, delivers a BigData analytic service that determine Facebook User’s latent desire for product/service/event/content, has helped our customer achieve 40-120 times more Click-Thru-Rates to connect with potential user than conventional Facebook Ad through our PowerList service. Currently, our clientele includes; public relation firms, advertising agencies, B2C startups, and national political parties.

Python Software Foundation for great support

The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

Open Source Software Foundry for venue rental

To promote the development and use of open source software, OSSF provides a forum that facilitates interaction and collaboration between open source software developers, and serves as a bridge to link developers with industry and academia. for venue live streaming provides the easiest way to start your own live broadcast. No installation or configuration is needed. also provides lots of social tools to engage your audience, making your live broadcast enjoyable. You can also watch a live broadcast from our Android and iOS apps.

Young Optics for 3D printing

Wolf Tea for tea break



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