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About PyCon

PyCon is a conference by the Python community for the community. It is for Python enthusiasts of all experience levels, from new users to core developers.

The original PyCon was formed in North America in 2003, but there are now a number of other conferences being run in the PyCon spirit around the world.

About PyCon APAC

PyCon APAC/TW 2014 is organized for Pythonistas in Asia-Pacific and Taiwan. Find more information on the about page.


Why PyCon APAC/TW 2014?

The table below shows the performance of the two previous Python conferences in Taiwan. All indicates the growth of the community here. Furthermore, nearly all statistics get doubled! This 3rd Python conference in Taiwan can be predicted to keep the expanding progress.

PyConTW 2012PyConTW 2013
Date June 9-10, 2012 May 25-26, 2013
Talk session (Accept/All) 18 / 20 33 / 50
Lightning talk 6 14
Participants 260 400
Pageviews/visits for 2 months 27,722 / 8,608 62,854 / 17,636
Sponsors 5 + 6 (Patron) 21


Talents Gather Here

The Python conference is like a carnival with huge amount of best programmers or geeks. Those talents are not only familiar with Python language but also enthusiastically in digging all of the skills around the world. Join us, you can hunt the best genius to join your company!

Accomplish Your Alternative Talent Pool

First of all, our sponsors can get a basket of talent information to further enrich your human resource database. We are committed that it will be one of your most favorite channels in the near future.

Boost by Booth

You would never want to miss our Job-Fair event, would you? It’s never such easier to build a link to this crowd of hackers. We provide the space for you! Set up your booth, let the talents connect you by this awesome opportunity, and get ready to boost your company!

Polish Your Brand in Tech World

Hey, lets put your brand on our portal. We provide you a lovely page to introduce your company and even your brand. Not only hackers who do join our sessions but also those people who only follow our page, can provide resumes for you.

Q&S, Get a Win-Win Situation

Geeks, hackers, passionists, all in here! PyCon APAC provides the best Quality in finding a best developer and further extends the Scale from local to APAC. Promoting your company here, there are more than 17,000 web visits from potential talents last year. Get your company ready to join this hunting season!


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