Speaker: Yuli Zhan

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Zhan Yuli is a senior high student currently taking A-level computing in Dunman High School, Singapore. He started to learn Python and Android development since two years ago based on previous competitive programming experiences. With great interest about education, he is now studying data mining in the hope that it would help improve learning expriences under the traditional school curriculum. 詹宇立,19歲。 現新加坡德明政府中學高二學生,主修計算機(A-level Computing)科目。對于計算機的最初認識來自於算法競賽,兩年前開始系統學習Python和Android開發,一年前接觸到數據挖掘和機器學習并產生很大興趣。因父母均在教育行業工作且自己也身為學生,對於傳統學校教育在信息時代下面臨的挑戰很有興趣,希望能盡自己微薄之力。


python, education, big data, data mining, NumPy


Dunman High School/德明政府中學

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