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Nie Shuyue: New learner of Programming. Studying for Python since 2013 and learned a bit of Java and HTML. Had some hands on projects using mainly Python and tried using Python with Google App Engine and Pygame. It is fun to learn Python. :) Wu Chenmu: 2005 -2007 Learning BASIC 2012 - Learning Python, C++ and Java Study art for 4 years, good at graphic design, web design and UI design. Has experience in both competitive programming and mobile application development. Song Kai: 2006 - 2007 Learning BASIC 2008 - 2011 Learning PASCAL 2012 - Learning C++ 2013 - Learning Python Has experience in both competitive programming (algorithm based) and application development. Hopes to make good combination of both aspects of coding to bring more convenience to people’s daily life. Some Python projects done: http://elijahsk.pythonanywhere.com/ (Flask based) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dessert.program (Pygame based, in collaboration with Shuyue) http://dhstreasurerkit.appspot.com (GAE based) Others: We have one female presenter Shuyue and through this presentation, we would like to encourage more female students to try Python and bravely voice out their own experiences. All three of us are Year 6 (Grade 12) students from Dunman High School, Singapore. Last year we have been through Project Work where systematic report and interactive oral presentation are the main focus of learning. We are confident that we can give the audience an engaging presentation experience. We have good ability to converse in Mandarin, hence are able to reach out to a broader / more local audience.


high school, Google App Engine, Raspberry Pi, OpenCV

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