Narrowing the Gender Gap at Hackathons - Amalia Hawkins

Narrowing the Gender Gap at Hackathons

Amalia Hawkins /English

As hackathons become more prevalent, one thing has (mostly) stayed the same: the ratio of male to female hackathon participants is often lower than the ratio in the broader computer science community. How can hackathon organizers be mindful of this issue, and encourage a diverse pool of participants? This talk will cover the basics of how to run an inclusive hackathon, as well as successful strategies organizers have used in the past. We will examine case studies of several of the largest college hackathons.

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I am a software engineer at MongoDB. Previously, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where I was a lead organizer for the PennApps Hackathon and very involved in the college hackathon community.

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Software Engineer

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