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from present import future.curriculum

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In our current society, Computer Science education is overshadowed by traditional subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. However, in light of an increasingly technology-based society, it is quintessential that Computer Science be a part of the high school curriculum worldwide. This is to equip students with the basic practical problem solving skills which is already a valuable asset and may become a minimum requirement in the future job market. Our presentation aims to describe our current high school Computing curriculum and possible improvements to the system. In addition, we will also touch on how to attract females to take up Computer Science as a subject of study. From classroom to real life applications, we would like to share our experiences as high school Computer Science students. Outline: 1. A Level Computing Curriculum: Topics covered and how lessons are conducted 2. Applying concepts to applications: Google App Engine/Flask (Using frameworks to create applications) Game development (Usage of API to create games with Python) Hackathon - fast app idea creation (codeXtremeApps) 3. Improving current syllabus: What the future needs 4. What people can do to take the first step and improve the situation in high schools? Or even starting from young (primary?)

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A student from Dunman High School, aside from programming, I enjoy playing the piano and listening to music.




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