Here's an idea: Show and Tell Coding - Ken Hu

Here's an idea: Show and Tell Coding

Ken Hu /English

In my 6+ years as a software engineer, I have been part of teams ranging from 3 to 20+, from startup to corporate, from waterfall to various flavors of agile, from intern to team lead. I have learned that rather than obsessing over best practices and coding styles, it's better to discourage people to write bad code. So here’s an idea, instead of pair programming or rigorous code review, how about a show-and-tell on a monthly basis? Each developer would share the “coolest” work they have done in the past month and have a short presentation about it.

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I am a data scientist, software developer, and aspiring entrepreneur. I'm especially interested in machine learning, information retrieval, text analytics, and cloud technology. My weapon of choice is Python. I previously founded a social data analysis company and developed its core technology. I grew the startup into a profitable entity, without any outside funding.


text analytics, machine learning, information retrieval, startup

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Data Scientist

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