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This proposal is for a forum for discussing further growth of Python user groups in Taiwan and nearby regions. Participants can use either Mandarin Chinese or English, or both. I mark it to use English to indicate foreign groups are welcome to join the forum.


Python user groups in Taiwan have grown to a significant number and each of the major cities regularly holds technical events for Python. While being happy about the achievement, we see some concerns. - We are short of community leaders. - Many events aren't as vibrant as they should. - Not a lot of computer code is shared in the user groups. - In general, outside Taipei, the density and frequency of activities drastically reduce. In the forum, I will make a short presentation about the history of the Taiwan Python community, list the challenges facing us, and collect inputs in the forum. At the end, we’ll conclude with action items, and compile a list of volunteers for future work.

Yung-Yu Chen

HPC software developer.

Keith Yang


Recently he enjoys skateboard commute, coffee-achemy, and indoor cycle while programming or gaming.

Keith is the founder and co-organizer of, largest Python user group in Taiwan, a Lead Software Engineer at iCHEF, and was Chairperson of PyCon APAC 2015. His work mostly focuses on web/backend/cloud services since 2006, and he hands on kernel tools of virtualization on hypervisors in 2016.