On-site Accommodation

PyCon TW has on-site lodging at Academia Sinica Activities Center, 3-minute walk next to the venue. It comes with the following options:

*Extra person for NT$300 and extra bed for NT$450 respectively.
**Room facilities include TV, wireless & wired network, thermos, hair dryer, and personal hygiene products. Breakfast and gym are also provided.

More information on the original site.

Application Procedure

To apply for the on-site lodging, send email to organizers@pycon.tw (Rock Hung) with the following information:

Note: All date / time is represented in UTC+08 timezone. Early check-in and later check-out should be noticed in advance.

Outside the Venue

For accommodation outside the venue, please book the hotels youself. You might find the following list helpful.

Price Level Hotel in Taipei MRT Station Nearby
$$$ Grand Victoria Hotel Jiannan Rd. (Miramar) in 400m
Grand Hyatt Taipei City Hall in 800m
$$ Tango Hotel Taipei XinYi Yongchun in 350m
Taipei Fullerton, City Lake Daan in 250m
National Taiwan University Gongguan (NTU) in 200m
Dandy Hotel Daan Park Branch Daan in 100m
$ Forward Hotel Nangang Nangang Software Park in 350m
CityInn Hotel Taipei Main Station I Taipei Main Station in 400m
Vintage Travel & Hostel Daqiaotou in 800m
Eight Elephants Hostel Guting in 400m
The Loft Hostel Zhongxiao Dunhua in 300m