Events Overview

Events at PyCon Taiwan 2016 can be divided into two: Those during the conference (June 3–5), and those out of it (tutorials, sprints, and PyDay).

Out of the Conference


Tutorials are paid events that will be held 1 to 3 weeks before PyCon TW. They are held to help participants better understand talks during the conference, or get their hands on more Python applications. A tutorial can be either full-day (6 hours) or half-day (3 hours), with content selected by public proposal-calling.

We offer both tutorials for Python newcomers who have never tried Python before, and also for specific topics such as controlling Raspberry Pi, data analysis, etc. Tickets for tutorials are sold separately from the conference. Make sure you complete registration for both events.

More information about tutorials can be found on the Tutorial page.


Two sprints will be held out of the conference. Open source project managers will bring their projects, and explain their issues and unresolved problems. After the introduction of all projects, you can pick the topics you are interested in, and join their work. It is a good chance to dig deep into projects or fields you care.

Attendees are welcomed to bring their own project and find like-minded partners. It is also a great opportunity to join open source projects if you doesn’t have you own project idea, or are just too shy to shout out on the mailing list and public chat channels.

There is also a separate schedule of workshops in April for attendees who want to learn more about specific topics.

More information about sprints can be found on the Sprint page.


PyDay is an activity for newcomers held by PyCon TW and top univerisities in Taiwan. We invite keynote speakers from the conference to share their experience throughout sessions in this event. Book a PyDay ticket if you want to talk with keynote speakers after PyCon TW.

More information about the PyDay can be found on the PyDay page.

During the Conference (June 3–5)


There will be 5 speakers giving keynote speeches during the three-day conference, and we also offer live broadcast. Speakers of keynotes are globally outstanding people from their domains. They will share their experiences and imagination of the future.

More information about keynotes can be found on the Keynote page.


The three conference days are packed with talks about Python by speakers from Taiwan and around the world. The talks will be either 25- or 45-minute long. Three tracks of talks will be delivered simultaneously, all with different topics and difficulties. We suggest you to make a schedule beforehand, and choose what you want ot listen based on your interests. Many people take notes on the program schedule before the meeting so they don’t run to wrong places.

The program schedule will be announced by the end of April. List of accepted talks can be found on the Talks page.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are full of excitement. Every speaker has to finish the presentation within 5 minutes—no exceptions! The stage is cruel, but is a great source of stimulation; inspiring and interesting presentations are given every year. Topics are widely accepted. This year, onsite registration is available. Bring your creativeness and share with us!

Job Fair

This is the job fair specifically for Python engineer. There will be no session for the job fair, but the stage is opened for all companies to present. Feel free to interact with the exhibitors.

BoF (Birds of a Feather)

BoF is derived from the proverb “Birds of a feather flock together.” A BoF session means an informal meeting at conferences, where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda. You are welcome to raise any subject you like. Let us build up the PyCon TW night as bustling as night markets in Taiwan! There will also be many eye-popping stage performances at the same time. (You are welcomed to perform on the stage as well!)

More information about the BoF can be found on the BoF page.