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Jupyter (formerly a part of IPython) is a great application for interactive data science and scientific computing, especially the Jupyter Notebook. The Jupyter kernel makes it possible to run Jupyter Notebooks (or console and qtconsole) with other programming languages instead of Python. This talk is going to be an explanation of how it's working under the hood, and how you can create your own Jupyter kernel.

廖偉涵 Adrian Liaw

高中三年都在家自學還可以延畢的高三自學生,用行動證明就連缺乏教育的屁孩也可以學會寫 Python,常常被嘴說現在的小朋友都怎樣怎樣的。

Adrian is a guy who doesn't really know what he's doing and seriously needs some life advises. He's currently a high school student but not actually in a physical high school because of the lack of school that accepts him. Oh by the way he does Python.