Ticket Info

This ticket is only for the 3-day main program during June 5 ~ June 7. As for the Tutorials and Workshops, please refer to the related pages.

Discount Ticket

The invoice will be donated to Open Culture Foundation .

Ticket Early bird rate Regular rate Note
Group Discounted (3 ppl for 1) 2,190 2,690 NTD 6,570 in total for early bird
NTD 8,070 in total for regular
Individual Discounted 2,590 2,990
Student Discounted 1,390 1,790 Undergraduate or under only (on campus).
Proof of eligibility required at check-in

Normal Ticket

Invoice available.

Ticket Early bird rate Regular rate Note
Individual 4,590 5,090 Triplicate uniform invoices is available.
Please provide your company name and Unified Business No.


  • Ticket sale begins on April 7 06:05 p.m. .
  • Early bird tickets are limited and the sales will end on April 21 .
  • Sale of other tickets ends on May 15 .


  1. Valid postal address (local attendants only)

The conference will use RFID ticket as one of the registration identification. For attendants from Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu area, we will send you the ticket before the conference; while for overseas attendants, we will send you a digital identification through e-mail.

For local attendants, please leave either

  • valid postal address, or
  • service code (服務代碼) plus address of the Family branch (店址) and note "FamiPort store-to-store" (全家店到店). For example,
    [FamiPort store-to-store] 10085/Fami Xinsheng S. Rd. Branch
    No.163 Sec. 1, Xinsheng S. Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
    Or in Chinese,
    [全家店到店] 10085/新生南路店
    台北市大安區新生南路一段 163 號

Family branch address can be found at http://www.famiport.com.tw/shop.asp

  1. No Refund

There would be no refund once registration is confirmed.

  1. The Size of T-shirt

Every registered participant will get a souvenir T-shirt. Please check your size by the following table.

Size Height (cm) Shoulder width Back length from HPS Chest width
XL > 180 45 75 54
L 170 - 180 44 72 52
M 160 - 170 43 69 50
S 150 - 160 40 65 47
XS < 150 38.5 63 44
  1. Everybody Pays

PyCon APAC 2015 is a paid conference; Everybody, including staffs and speakers, has to pay for attendance. (see PyCon: Everybody Pays )

  1. Ways To Pay for Tickets

You can pay through credit cards, PayPal, ATM transfer, and FamiPort.

  1. Financial Aid Plan

If you are struggling with finances and can't afford a ticket, please contact us for Financial Aid, but you need to purchase the ticket before applying for financial aid.

For more info please refer to the financial aid page .

  1. Special Food Taboos

We will provide lunch during conference. Let us know if you are a vegetarian or non-pork eaters.

  1. Ticketing Consultancy

Please kindly mail to registration[at]pycon.tw

If you have any question about ticketing. Ning, who is in charge of ticketing, will reply you ASAP!