Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks
Introduction of PyCon JP 2015 - Masashi Shibata
CPython's bug in feature that nobody uses - Chiu-Hsiang Hsu
Web Crawler - meng-hao chung
Network Security and Analysis with Python - Lee Yang Peng
The Effectiveness of Unit Tests in Django Backend Engineering of Large-scale Web service - Shunsuke Hida
Learning machine learning Python agilely - Chih-Cheng Liang
Real-Time Data Mining Framework for Mobile Advertising at Vpon - Michael
Python Turtle Graphics in Traditional Chinese - Renyuan Lyu
Reconstruct Your Past - Use VapourSynth to Deinterlace Retro Video - Hsueh-Tsung Kuo
the first merged pull request - not just coding... Jim Horng
Python in interactive technology application - Tom Chen