PyCon APAC 2015

PyCon APAC (Asia Pacific) is a conference organized by the Python community and for the community. It is an annual convention that can be enjoyed by Python users of all experience levels, from new users to core developers. The original PyCon was formed in North America in 2003, and now there are many other conferences being run in the PyCon spirit around the world.

To better serve all the attendees and the community, this year we publish the Code of Conduct . Please read it, and let's make a great conference together.


PyCon APAC/TW 2015 is organized for pythonistas in the Asia-Pacific region. It will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan. We would like to invite you to join this big event, being a part of it by sponsoring, promoting your brand and product, and even making your company succeed through it. Organizers of PyCon APAC/TW 2015 mostly come from local Python user groups, who also supported the two previous PyCon TW ( 2012 and 2013 ):

PyCon APAC is an international event. It was initiated in 2010 in Singapore, started to travel to Tokyo, Japan in 2013, and to Taipei, Taiwan last year.For PyCon APAC being held in Taiwan this year, the local PyCon Taiwan 2015 will be halted (or PyCon APAC 2015 is effectively PyCon Taiwan 2015)


  • Chairperson: Keith Yang
  • Vice Chairperson: Shuen-Huei Guan
  • Vice Chairperson / Program: Wen-Chang "Tim" Hsu
  • Program Chair: Stanley Huang
  • Program / Tutorial: Tsung-Wei Hu
  • Sponsorship: David Chien-Hsun Chen
  • Public Relation: Alfred, S,-Y., Wei
  • Web: Ke-Ren Dai
  • Reception: "Sosorry" Hsu
  • Venue: Yiching Tang
  • Finance: Lloyd Huang