Everybody Pays is one of the principles of PyCon APAC. All conference attendees including speakers, chairperson, staff and volunteers pay to register. While following this convention, we also have financial aid program to help people who have financial difficulties. As long as you need it, please simply apply for the financial aid. All applications are subject to review, which is based on our budget and your condition. (See the rationale behind Everybody Pays )

The financial aid program is set to minimize the financial barrier of the conference and to maximize the benefits to the community. For instance, taking students and engineers with full-time job into consideration, we will favor the students. Then, community contributors or conference speakers will have high priority.

Application How-Tos

The procedure of the application is what follows:

  1. Please register the conference through the ticketing system, and, as far as possible, complete the payment.
  2. Please mail to registration[at]pycon.tw, briefly describe your circumstance, and leave the contact information (name, email and phone number).
  3. We will contact you to verify the information and learn more about your situation.
  4. The financial aid program opens for application right now until the end of registration. We will inform you if your application has been approved.
  5. After approval, the financial aid will be used to refund your registration fee.

We understand everyone's financial status is different and it's hard to quantify contribution. For the budget is limited, we can't guarantee to fund every applicants. But if you need support, please do let us know and we will do our best.