Coding test-driven Python package with CI and cloud

  • R1
  • Day 3, 14:35‑15:20
  • Chinese talk w. English slides
  • Best Practices & Patterns
  • Intermediate

Instead of common Python + Travis CI tutorial, fun, real coding practice, and benefits of testing will be focused in this talk by discomposed actions in different aspects and tools surround related topics, including continuous integration (CI), debugging, packaging, and coding. Popular tools and services, for example, Jenkins, py.test, Travis CI, and Codecov will be looked at.

Talk Detail

### Objectives I want to paint the blueprint and show real use cases to audience for following perspectives: - How fun can testing be - The devil detail of "Hard to test" - How to bootstrap your tests - Looking around Jenkins, buildbot, py.test, and default unitest module of Python - When it's good to go with test-driven development - How to decide whether it's good enough on code coverage - Python package in action with TravisCI and Codecov - How to speed coding and get quality by writing tests - How to let testing make life easier instead of harder

Speaker Information

Keith Yang

最近覺得邊騎室內腳踏車邊用電腦,離開臉書與 IG 的精神(神經?)生活很不賴。讓這隻小白鼠從大眾心理控制實驗學裡喘了一小口氣。

Recently he enjoys skateboard commute, still coffee-achemy, and indoor cycle while programming or gaming, an awesome mind vocation of leaving FB and IG.

Keith is the founder and co-organizer of, largest Python user group in Taiwan, a Lead Software Engineer at iCHEF, and was Chairperson of PyCon APAC 2015. His work mostly focuses on web/backend/cloud services since 2006, and he hands on kernel tools of virtualization on hypervisors in 2016.