If you are interesting in propose tutorial, see How to Propose a Tutorial?.

Tutorials are paid events that will be held 1 to 3 weeks before PyCon TW. They are held to help participants better understand talks during the conference, or get their hands on more Python applications. A tutorial can be either full-day (6 hours) or half-day (3 hours), with content selected by public proposal-calling.


The current schedule for the Call for tutorial, stay tuned!

Receipt Policy

  • Payment receipt will be handed over on-site.
  • Please provide your Company Name and Unified Business Number.


  • No Refund Except the condition above, there would be no refund once registration is confirmed.
  • Everybody Pays PyCon Taiwan 2017 is a paid conference; everybody, including staffs and speakers, has to pay to attend. (See also: Everybody Pays).
  • Ticketing Consultancy Please kindly mail to organizers@pycon.tw.