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Deep Learning 讓這件事變得可能!
這次短講,我們想和大家分享深度學習如何讓電腦學會大師的筆觸和風格(Convolutional Neural Networks, CNN)。以及我們如何結合在地特色實作的成果。


Talk Detail

* Some Reading Materials: 1.A Quick Introduction to Neural Networks
( ) 2.An Intuitive Explanation of Convolutional Neural Networks
( 3.A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
( 4.Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution
( 5.Neural Style Transfer: A Review
( * Our Gitlab: We provide some fast neural style model here. If you like art style transfer, take a try!

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Speaker Information

Peter Yeh

A student in National Taiwan University. I am interested in Deep Learning and its application.