PyPy's approach to construct domain-specific language runtime

  • R0
  • Day 3, 10:35‑11:05
  • Chinese talk w. English slides
  • Python Internals
  • Intermediate

The PyPy project provides a practical way for building diverse language runtime in Python.
It achieves this goal without giving up on the efficiency of the compiled virtual machines, thereby keeping it within reach of further reasonable optimization work. In this talk, we would traverse overall design perspectives of PyPy implementation along with the construction of simple domain-specific language (DSL) runtimes on top of PyPy.

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一個成大資工系的菜鳥,什麼都不會的在努力研讀 Compiler 中

Jim Huang

Jim is known as “jserv” in open source world. After involved in Android Open Source Project, Jim specializes in embedded, real-time and virtualization to bring Linux based robots to fit for the industrial requirements. He is the co-founder of LXDE project, a lightweight desktop environment widely used in embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi.