Submit your first CPython patch (and don't worry about C)

  • R1
  • Day 2, 13:25‑13:55
  • Chinese talk w. English slides
  • Python Core (language, stdlib, etc.)
  • Intermediate

The process of submitting CPython patch has changed in 2017 Feb., which had changed to use GitHub with bpo (, not Mercurial anymore.

This talk will give you the basic knowledge of reporting bugs to bpo, submitting CPython patch, including how to retrieve the CPython source code, where the bugs listed, how to fix it, and how to submit the patch / contribute to CPython.

Also, please kindly know that you **DON'T** need to have any advanced C knowledge (even if you're not familiar with C!) and still can join to contribute CPython, e.g. comment on doc patches, write python-only patches...etc. The fact is, CPython codebase is consist of 57.5% Python code and 39.8% C code!

If you are still interested in this topic and want to contribute with CPython community, welcome to join this talk.

Talk Detail

Reference ------ * [python-committers] We are now live on GitHub!: * cpython-devguide: * fixed issue: * *

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Speaker Information

Louie Lu

Greeting, I'm Louie Lu, from Taiwan.

Louie Lu (Shao-Jung Lu) is a Software Engineer Intern at KKBOX, and was a Software Engineer at HopeBay Tech, where he does automation test for UI and API, with 3rd-party API development.

He has the experiment and interesting in IoT kernel development and system programmings, such as F9 microkernel and BitSec Hypervisor.

And he is now trying to understand the internals of CPython, to see how CPython magically bring us Python to the world.

You can find me at:
Also, the bpo-mergerate: