Tensorflow & Python: Fault Detection System

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Based on our innovative technological capabilities, SK techx is committed to making our clients’ everyday lives happy and convenient with ICT by providing optimized goods and services for each stage of life.
These services consist of a Web server and a back-end service. Web services use Apache, Nginx, and services made in Java use Tomcat. There are, of course, services built with Python and the Go language.
Back-end services store various types of logs for their purpose.
There are many kinds of log, and the form is also different. Many developers and Open Sources have tried to interpret and process these formats.
I thought that I would automatically interpret these log formats and detect failures. I think TensorFlow is an alternative. First, I will describe the Fault Detection System architecture using TensorFlow. Second, I will introduce the use of the data generated step by step. Finally, I'll show you how to apply it to a service and how to detect it.

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### Third-party libraries used: - [TensorFlow] An open-source software library for Machine Intelligence [TensorFlow]: https://www.tensorflow.org/

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Eric Byungwook Ahn

Since 2016, Eric has been working on the Infra engineering team at SK techx. He is contributing to middleware, ITAM, CMDB projects and is working to ensure that SK Techx's key services operate reliably.