Why do projects fail? Let's talk about the story of Sinon.PY

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Do you want to own any project on Github or PyPI? Are you interested in developing open source project but do not know how to start? Do you want to understand key factors of failed projects in the future?

In this talk, speaker will share the story of his open source project - Sinon.PY.
This project is not a successful project. He believed that sharing a failed case may be helpful for you to avoid same fault, such as (1)Skills to prepare before you begin (2)Ideas to avoid (3)what will you learn.

Talk Detail

#### Q. What is Sinon.PY?#### [Sinon.PY](https://github.com/note35/sinon) is a mocking library inspired by [Sinon.JS](http://sinonjs.org/). It provides a similar interface of Sinon.JS 1.9. #### Q. What is the content in this talk? #### The speaker will share the entire story of this project, including motivations, plans, tasks, results and feedbacks. #### Welcome audiences with any python level #### Since this is a novice talk. The speaker welcome audiences with any python level. The talk is related to some deep terminologies, such as unittesting, python OOP. However the contents will be understandable for audiences who don't have those knowledges. Additionally, the main purpose of this talk is not the detailed techniques but my shared experiences. In this talk, the speaker will give a simple demo. The related code will use some techniques whose level are higher than novice. However, The speaker plan to demo this code just for giving the purpose and showing difficulty of this project. Even if the audiences don't understand the code, it's still fine for them to listen to the story.

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Speaker Information

Kir Chou

學生時代只寫 C++,畢業後才接觸 Python,前前後後實習過三間公司,之後做跟 Python 毫無關係的 IPS,接著才憑著 Python 經驗到世界第一大電商的日本總部做搜索引擎。

1. Full Stack Engineer in EC company(電商全端碼農)
2. Inactive StackOverflower (曾經玩過堆疊溢位)
3. Inactive Open Source Contributor(曾經玩過開源)
4. Pythonista(沒有Python吃不下飯)