after VOEZ launch - how to resolve problems of mobile game server development and service maintenance

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As startup game makers, many people might be able to build a workable mobile game service, but have no experience in building a stable, reliable, high performance commercial mobile game service.
Sometimes we feel that our code seems to be logical correct and should work, but in reality it failed because we didn't avoid race condition very well, or we didn't apply caching mechanism appropriately.
In this talk, we will introduce how we built a game server, which is fully implemented in Python and Flask.
We are going to share some experiences with backend or online mobile game developers by showing the essence of Python code and Flask usage from game server.
Hope these guides will lead you to build a stable, reliable service in Python, and don't repeat the same mistakes we did before.

Talk Detail

What we will share at below chapter: * VOEZ game play demo and connection layout * Python code: * game play authorization and score uploading * database/storage layout & API for distributing current seasonal event revision and corresponding assets * Redis database operation * order of inter-server request and related state transition * publish event game data to Amazon S3/Google Cloud Storage * append header "Cache-Control" under Flask framework, and make cache expire precisely at seasonal event switching * calculate how many consecutive days a player logged in * Cloud platform setting tips: * What happened when we met DDoS

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郭學聰 (Hsueh-Tsung Kuo)

目前是CPPRG(C# Perl Python Ruby Golang)熟手