Conference Information

  • Date & Time: September 21 to September 22, 2024 (GMT+8)
  • Venue & Address: National Science and Technology Museum (South Complex) - No. 797, Jiuru 1st Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807044, Taiwan


The following time is GMT+8.

Individual Sponsor
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  • Lunch Box & Desserts
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NT$ 5,500
  • Discount for Early Bird
  • Lunch Box & Desserts
  • Conference Pass
  • T-Shirt ONLY for Early Bird and Regular Stage
Early Stage
NT$ 2,790
Regular Stage
NT$ 3,790
Final Stage
NT$ 4,290
  • ONLY for Disabilities
  • Lunch Box & Desserts
  • Conference Pass
  • T-Shirt
NT$ 1,895
  • Reimbursement Receipt
  • T-Shirt ONLY for Regular Stage
  • Lunch Box & Desserts
  • Conference Pass
Regular Stage
NT$ 5,800
Final Stage
NT$ 6,500
Group-Buy Corporate
  • Reimbursement Receipt
  • Group-Buy Discount
  • T-Shirt ONLY for Early Bird Stage
  • Lunch Box & Desserts
  • Conference Pass
Regular Stage
NT$ 5,220

Before Buying Tickets

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  • We follow the Principle of Everybody Contributes, it’s necessary for all attendees including speakers and organizers to purchase tickets or contribute to the PyCon TW Community.
    • Please follow our Code of Conduct of PyCon TW 2024. This convention applies to all the words and deeds of participants in the relevant entities and digital fields of PyCon Taiwan.
      • PyCon TW 2024 will have around 45% of the talks in English.
        • If you need reimbursement from your company, please get your “Corporate Tickets”.
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        • About “Corporate Tickets”
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        • About “Concession Tickets”
          • If you are a disability (holding Certificate of Disability ), both the disability and ONE accompanying person should buy "Concession Tickets".
          • If you want to buy "Concession Tickets", please complete the "Identity Verification of People with Disability" on the KKTIX one day before buying the ticket.
          • The disability must register with an accompanying person. When registering, please show the Certificate of Disability and carry it with you during the event for inspection. If the Certificate of Disability cannot be presented, the disability and accompanying person need to make up the balance with the "Individual Ticket (Regular Stage)" before entering the venue.
        • About “T-Shirt & Exclusive Swag”
          • If you bought the tickets with t-shirt or exclusive swag, we will redeem them to you at the service counter during the conference (September 21 - 22, 2024).
          • If you bought the ticket with t-shirt, please fill out the correct size of t-shirt. We will NOT provide changing the size of t-shirts.
        • Ticket refund and exchange are handled by KKTIX on behalf of the event organizer. If you want to apply for a refund or exchange via KKTIX, please mail to . If you request a refund via KKTIX, a 10% handling fee will be charged, and refunds will not be accepted within ten days before the event (excluding the event day). Please refer to the KKTIX ticket exchange and refund policy.
            • Please kindly mail to if you have any questions about tickets.
              • For more information on PyCon TW 2024, please refer to our official website.
                • The organizer reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, interpretations of the event, and cancellations of PyCon TW 2024.