The Summer Sprint event will be held on 8/20 (Sun.) 10:00 ~ 17:00 (TST). A sprint event gathers open source project owners, contributors, and people who want to contribute but are trying to find a place to start. During a sprint, project hosts bring their unresolved issues or new features under development and share with everyone. You can join a project of your choice, or bring your own project here! For those who already know the fundamentals of Python and want to participate in open source projects, but don’t know where to start, sprints are good opportunities to get yourself involved! As for project hosts, this is a great chance for you to find people with similar interests, having face-to-face interactions with contributors, and getting new contributors to your project’s development! Be prepared to get you busy! On-site After relaxing the lockdown restrictions policy for Covid-19, we will host the event on site. Before the event, we will announce the project in our website and PyCon TW FB. At the opening of the event, we arrange the project hosts to introduce their project in brief. The participants can choose the interested project and join the development of the project. The project hosts can keep communicating with the attendees face to face. We encourage project hosts and participants to keep developing the project even after the event, so we will make a discord channel in PyCon TW.


Please visit KKTIX if you'd like to join as an attendee, or fill out this Google Form if you'd like to be a project owner in this event!

You can find the project list on HackMD.