Tutorial are events held as part of the main conference, but attendees need to register separately in order to join. They are either half- or one-day (three or six hours) events held to help participants better understand talks during the conference, or get their hands on more Python applications.

Program schedule is subject to change. Please check this page frequently to get the latest version.

Learning to teach machines with Keras

This workshop is a one-stop onboarding for the people who have not yet caught upon the Machine learning trend. This workshop aims to get people acquainted with the knowledge and working of the key algorithm behind the machine learning paradigm.

Untwisting Twisted!

Twisted is a framework for writing event-driven applications in Python. Event-driven is a well-recommended programming paradigm for writing high-performance networking applications, GUI applications or device drivers. The framework is more than a decade old and has a large community base. I am proposing an entry-level workshop to share my expertise with the community.

Geospatial data processing, analysis and visualization using Python

The satellite data is one of the biggest source of external data. Satellite data consists of raster images which also contains latent information about the geographic location the image is taken from. Processing this data in Python gives access to a lot of latest insights and visualizations that can be proved useful in decision making. This workshop will be covering the acquisition of Sentinel-2 data over, Taiwan and processing it and then finding the landcover classification of Taiwan using machine learning models. The workshop would be in Python and tools like Geopandas, Shapely, Rasterio and Scikit-learn will be used.