Tutorial: Untwisting Twisted!


Twisted is a framework for writing event-driven applications in Python. Event-driven is a well-recommended programming paradigm for writing
high-performance networking applications, GUI applications or device drivers. The framework is more than a decade old and has a large community base. I am proposing an entry-level workshop to share my expertise with the community.


Recently I was employed to write a device driver for an application based on an ARM platform. I was impressed with the power of Twisted for writing a network intensive application. It was a bumpy ride to learn Twisted, as Twisted is an old giant. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to get started with this framework. In my knowledge, most of them focus on the applicability of the framework thus they are lacking in explaining the core of the framework. I have tried my best to craft this workshop for beginners who are only expected to have knowledge of Python. Most components will end with hands-on examples.


Jaysinh Shukla

A full-stack developer by profession, a computer scientist by heart and natural born actor. One of the core organizer of
https://pykachchh.github.io/workshop/PyKutch 2016.