Geo processing with Python: How to convert, clean, aggregate and compress your geo-data for web





Python 難易度



How to start transforming my shapefiles? What geo formats should I use for web? How to design geo data processing pipeline? What are geojson, topojson, epsg or shapefiles? Join us for this talk and you'll walk away with a better understanding of Geo Processing with Python. We will go through the design process for map-visualization web app from the geo data processing point of view. Starting with the entire design process for the data pipeline including software architecture, used technologies, automation, mapping the data to the geo-data and optimizing the maps for the web. You will have concrete examples on how this approach was applied in a project for the World Bank. You should walk away with the tools and skills to design and implement a geo data pipeline for their own project.


To give a bit better understanding on the approach that is explained in the presentation here is the high level data workflow for geo data processing pipeline: - read source geo files (ESRI shapefile for example) - read the data from another source (csv or api for example) - combine the geo files with the data using some mapping field (country ISO-3 id for example) - compress and optimize the shapefiles (drop amount of datafiles) - convert to web-friendly format (topojson is often recommended) - expose the resulting files to frontend and consume them in JavaScript Many people use GIS solutions (QGIS for example) to manually do this, but this this talk presents a purely programmatic and flexible approach that can be easily automated.

Juha Suomalainen

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