Learning the Basics




Python Core(語言本身、標準函式庫…)

Python 難易度



When it comes to learning the first programming language, Python is a great place to start. In this talk, I will share 3 interesting concepts: 1) Modulo, 2) Classes, 3) Recursion. I will first talk about how to use modulo, then introduce Classes and Recursion to create a Towers of Hanoi game.

I want to dedicate this talk to encourage more young people my age to try the language. I will highlight some challenges I faced while learning Python, and offer some tips to first timers.

Isaac Li

I'm a middle schooler, Grade 6 studying at International Christian School of Hong Kong. I am 11 years old, and I started coding at the age of 9. My first program I created was using Python.

I am passionate about Minecraft, music and coding. My dream is to become either a video game developer or a gamer.