Comparison of Packaging Tools in 2023

Peacock (Yoichi Takai)

Peacock (Yoichi Takai)

Born in August 2000. He has been mainly promoting IaC with Terraform and building Web API with Go at TOPGATE, Inc. since December 2022. Previously, he worked at CMScom Inc. since Sep. 2019, as a Web-backend engineer using Python. He is also a volunteer staff of PyCon JP from 2020. Since 2022, involves as the Vice-Chair. And the one of Operating Member of the PyCon JP Association as a director of PyCon JP TV, monthly YouTube Live about Python and PyCons. His hobbies are mirrorless camera, skiing, classical music, and drinking (mosts are beers and whiskies).


    Today, there are so many options for Python package management tools, such as pip (with venv), poetry, pipenv, pdm, pip-tools, and hatch. I'll compare those tools for people wondering which to use for package management tools in 2023. This talk will be for people wondering which to use for package management tools, including library or framework developers, web developers, and automation script developers.





    Day 1 • 11:35-12:05 (GMT+8)


    English talk




    Project Tooling