[Canceled] MicroPython for hardware hacking: interacting with sensors and actuators

Olaniyan Adewale Hafeez

Olaniyan Adewale Hafeez

Olaniyan Adewale Hafeez is a trained civil engineer but chose IT as a career and built his reputation at home and abroad. He was a computer technician and network administrator at the beginning of his IT career until he switched to programming. He has over ten years of experience with Python & PHP. Adewale has developed various applications in Python for both private and government organizations. He has wide knowledge in HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python, Magneto, MySQL, Twitter, Bootstraps, Scratch, Codeigniter, Python, Flask, Django Framework, Vuejs, Dart and Flutter. He is a Full-Stack Developer, Data Scientist, and Embedded Engineer.

Adigun Sulaiman Adisa

Adigun Sulaiman Adisa

Adigun Sulaiman Adisa is a dedicated and skilled Mechatronics Engineering Technologist with a strong passion for innovation and problem-solving. Currently employed at Techware Innovation Limited as a remote worker, he plays a crucial role in developing and implementing cutting-edge mechatronics solutions for various industries. In addition to his professional work, Adigun pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Ladoke Akintola University of Ogbomosho. This educational background complements his practical experience, allowing him to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world engineering challenges. As a Mechatronics Engineering Technologist, Adigun possesses a comprehensive skill set that includes mechanical design, electrical systems, computer programming, and automation. He is proficient in utilizing software tools such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and MATLAB to design and simulate complex mechanical systems.


    In this presentation, I will explore the world of hardware hacking using MicroPython. MicroPython is a lightweight version of Python that is designed to run on microcontrollers, making it an ideal choice for IoT applications and other embedded systems. I will demonstrate how to use MicroPython to interact with sensors (Temperature Sensor, UltraSonic, Humidity etc) and actuators, including how to read data from sensors and control actuators such as motors and LEDs. I will start by introducing MicroPython and its advantages over other programming languages commonly used in embedded systems. I will then discuss how to set up a development environment for MicroPython and how to flash MicroPython onto a microcontroller. Finally, I will explore some real-world examples of how MicroPython can be used for hardware hacking, including building a weather station with MicroPython and interfacing with a Raspberry Pi using MicroPython.





    Day 2 • 13:05-14:35 (GMT+8)


    English talk




    Internet of Things