Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion is the new event planned for PyCon Taiwan 2023, aiming to facilitate adeeper and more professional exchange of technical knowledge between the attendees andspeakers. Through this activity, speakers will share their own experiences, providing theattendees with opportunities to cultivate diverse thinking, broaden horizons, and enhancetheir expertise while fostering information exchange between different generations. PyConTaiwan 2023 intends to expand the scope of this event and invite renowned professionalsfrom Taiwan to engage in mutual discussions. The goal is to promote the exchange oftechnical knowledge between speakers and attendees through the sharing and passing onof valuable experiences.

Event This Year

The Panel Discussion event will be facilitated by one moderator and will feature threespeakers. During the activity, the moderator will ask questions, and the speakers will engagein a discussion on a specific topic, exploring relevant issues together with the audience.Additionally, there will be a 10-minute Q&A session at the end where the speakers willinteract with the audience, answering their questions and exchanging ideas.

Yung-Yu Chen
Peter Wolf



15:40-16:40 (GMT+8)

The Impact of Generative AI to Python Developer

With the rise of generative artificial intelligence, this exciting technology has not only set off an upsurge in the field of art. It will also bring unprecedented impact to workers in various fields, and a change of the times has quietly arrived.We have invited top academic/industrial/political experts to discuss with you the infinite possibilities of generative artificial intelligence and how it can change our future.In addition to gaining insight into the enormous impact of this technology, we will also explore possible issues and challenges, such as ethics and data privacy issues. Let's explore this exciting field together!