Recording Release

All the talks and tutorials in PyCon APAC 2022 will be pre-recorded. After your proposal is accepted, a pre-recording of the presentation will be provided to the PyCon APAC 2022 organizing team prior to the conference.For speakers residing in Taiwan, we will offer a slot and assist you to record the presentation in a professional video studio in Taipei (travel expenses covered).

Since one of the PyCon motivations is to help Python education and advocate the use of Python. PyCon Taiwan Committee will record, edit, and release the audio and video of the speaker’s presentation to online video sites such as YouTube and by default.

Thanks to our sponsors, we could make PyCon APAC one of the greatest events. We will embed sponsors' logos in the presentation videos that play during and after the conference. If you don’t want your talk being uploaded after the conference, make sure you choose “No” to the “Recording Release” option during the proposal submission.