Sponsorship Prospectus


Contact: sponsorship@pycon.tw to Sponsorship Team of PyCon Taiwan 2021

Contact person

  • PyCon Taiwan 2021 Chair, Wei Lee
  • PyCon Taiwan 2021 Program Chair, Wen-Hua Ke
  • PyCon Taiwan 2021 Sponsorship Director, Pin-Chun Wang

About Us

PyCon Taiwan is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language in Taiwan. "PyCon Taiwan" is a trademark authorized according to "PSF PyCon Trademark Usage Policy", and is organized by the Taiwan Python community and Open Culture Foundation (OCF, GUI 38552170) for growing the local community.

PyCon Taiwan continues to connect with new community members locally, nationally, and globally. Your sponsorship keeps PyCon Taiwan affordable and accessible to the widest potential audience. Having your support, we are able to provide financial aid to needed attendees.

We have several sponsorship packages including but not limited to the list below:

Quick stats from the past

  • 675 attendees (latest PyConTW hosted in Taipei)
  • 52% of attendees are software engineers. Others are: data scientists (11%), students (9%), managers (8%) etc
  • 62% of attendees are Python users for 1-5 years, and around 15% have been using Python for 5-10 years.

Conference Schedule

  • Call for Proposal: March 1st
  • Deadline of Call for Proposal: April 26th 23:59:59 (AoE)
  • Schedule Announcement: June 27th
  • Job Fair: October 2nd (Sat)
  • Main Conference: October 2nd (Sat) ~ October 3rd (Sun)

Sponsorship Packages

Extra Purchase (USD$)

Item Diamond Platinum Golden Silver Bronze
Talks (30 Mins.) IncludedIncluded900--
Social Media
(per post)
(per post)
Message Delivering during Breaks
Text Message on General Channel
Podcast AD
(per episode)
Ticket Discount 10% off
at any quantity
10% off
If more than 10 tickets
10% off
If more than 20 tickets
10% off
If more than 30 tickets
10% off
If more than 40 tickets

Special Sponsorship Packages


  • Recorded tech talks will be uploaded to several platforms, such as Youtube. Whether logos will be shown in the opening or ending depends on the package.
  • Podcast advertisement includes (i) 30s - 90s introduction in the beginning of podcast, (ii) revealed in FB post along with new episode announcement and (iii) revealed in podcast description.
  • The tech talk is limited to 30 minutes whether it is included in package or extra purchased.
  • To accommodate conference agenda, diamond, platinum package and tech talk sponsorship is only available before 15th June.
  • The total amount of tech talks is limited to three talks. Tech talk includes in diamond and platinum package have higher priority than additional purchases. First come first served if no specified.
  • Each sponsor can have at most one tech talk. If the sponsor has special needs, please inform PyCon TW 2021. PyCon TW 2021 reserves the right of final decision.
  • Regarding the purchase limit of tech talks, basically one sponsor is restricted to one purchase. If the sponsor has special needs, please inform PyCon TW 2021. PyCon TW 2021 reserves the right of final decision.
  • Job fair introduction is restricted to 5 minutes per organization.
  • Naming on channel includes naming the channel and live messaging with colored
  • Job recruitment description posted on website will be sorted by level of sponsorship packages. If there are same levels, then it will be sorted by the timing of sponsorship.
  • The sponsor of Community Financial Aid Sponsorship are allowed to acquire personal information under the aid receiver's agreement.
  • To further promote diversity of attendees, company (group / sponsoring) tickets will not exceed 1 / 3 of the total pass sold. Thus, such group passes are sold in a first come first served manner, please order as soon as possible.
  • Sponsorship packages may be affected and changed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Final version will be released along with conference details on June 27th .