Financial Aid

Core Value

Everybody Contributes is one of PyCon’s core principles. All attendees, including speakers and volunteers, have to pay for registering. While following this convention,PyCon Taiwan also has a financial aid program to help friends in the community,financially or otherwise, so more people are able join us in the big event.

All who look for help attending the conference are welcomed to apply.The organizers will review all applications and allocate resources based on both the conference budget and the applicants’ conditions.While we hope to support everyone to participate in the community, the budget is unfortunately limited, and so is the financial aid program. In cases of insufficient resources, we wish to support those who are most in need and to maximize community gain available from the applicant’s participation.As such, we may be forced to turn down your application to prioritize others.


The financial aid program is open to all contributors, attendees, students,and speakers and aims to provide assistance to those who otherwise might not be able to attend the conference.

Auxiliary Items

The Financial Aid accepts conference fee only since PyCon TW 2021 is held virtually.


The native residents would get the funds via wire transfer, and for the foreigners,you can get the cash funds at the conference counter.

Acceptance Deadline

The Financial Aid Program closes on August 1st (15:59 UTC).

Visitor Visa

If you need to apply for a Visitor VISA, feel free to contact us at

Application How-Tos


  • Fill out the form. Leave a brief description about yourself, and provide at least your full name.
  • We will inform you of the results before the end of the conference registration.
  • You will receive instructions about how to claim your aid. Please make sure to bring papers and/or proofs as appropriate to the conference for the claim process.

Some Tips on Application

  • Describe your interests, what you did in the Python community, and what you plan to do in the future
  • Describe why you would require additional help to attend. For example, higher transportation cost than average attendees is needed, that cause financial difficulty.
  • Describe what makes your situation unique. Say, you might represent a particular group that is not well-represented.
  • Describe how other attendees would benefit from your presence. Say, you’ll share your experience, or can help raise awareness of an issue in the community, etc.


We understand that we all have different financial situations, and contribution is difficult to quantify.As we have a limited budget, we cannot guarantee to fund all applicants.But please do let us know if you need support, and we will do our best.