Reborn Quark-Engine with Rizin

Sheng-Fone Lu

Sheng-Fone Lu

icon-location R2
icon-language English talk
icon-datetime Day 1 • 14:05-14:35
icon-level Intermediate
icon-category Security


    In this talk, we will share the complete process of how Quark-Engine replaced its core library to enhance resilience and performance. Also, we will share the situations we came across and the strategies of keeping growing in the open-source community. Quark-Engine is a well-known open-source Android malware analysis engine written in python. Many essential features inside are based on Androguard, an open-source Python package for analyzing Android files. However, Androguard is no longer maintained by its author. To ensure the health of Quark-Engine, we had decided to replace Androguard with Rizin, one of the most popular open-source reverse engineering frameworks. There are many challenges behind this work, and we will share how we overcome each of them.



    Sheng-Fone Lu

    I'm a Taiwanese college student, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I am passionate about cyber-security, reverse engineering, and operating system. A freshman of the open-source community, and a core member of Quark-Engine Team.