Python Community

Taipei -

Keith, Tim, and some enthusiasts launched in 2012 and started hosting monthly events at CLBC. The topics are mainly focused on web technology and data science. Besides the monthly meetups, Andy also hosted Python Web Meetup and Django study group for web geeks!

Hsinchu - PyHUG

Taiwan’s first Python community was established in 2011 by yyc and Albert Huang. Speakers are invited to share every month. The participating are mainly students. In recent years, gatherings in cafes every Wednesday has become a form of "eating, drinking, talking about Python and sorts of things". New blood is needed to join.

Taichung - was started in 2014 by Prof. Yuan-Liang Tang and several enthusiasts. The events were held at restaurants or coffee shops until later Microprogram Co. supported the event venue. Now the events are held monthly in Saturday afternoon, which is best suited for a walk to have some snacks in Fengjia Night Market after the event.

Tainan -

Joe, who moved to Tainan in 2013, founded Decided to co-organize a gathering with the MOSUT community in Tainan to become " × MOSUT". The gathering is held once a month, usually on weekend afternoons. will promote local delicacies, so that everyone can enjoy the local flavors.

Kaohsiung -

Before establishing, Victor Gau participate in the event until he collided with a locomotive, giving Victor the idea of establishing a community in Kaohsiung. In 2014, Victor launched Arranging experts to share on Saturdays from time to time, he would pick one Monday every month to meet at Wenzao.

Hualien -

In 2013, Wei Zeren felt that there was a lack of open source in the east, and began to invite Python speakers from all over the world. With the willingness of Mosky, started smoothly in 2014. In the current form of gatherings, apart from speech sharing, there are also free gatherings and workshops on specific topics.

Nantou -

Led by the Vice President of Nan Kai University of Technology, Prof. Cheng-Min Lin, has regularly held a monthly meeting at 768 Art Space to share the latest information and newest experiences with all the Python lovers in central Taiwan. Members have contributed their efforts to bring along industry connection as well as a selfless and boundless location or all the Python learners.

PyLadies Taiwan

PyLadies is a group of women developers who love Python. We are an international mentorship group with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python community. We host monthly meetups with different topics, such as beginners meetups, project presentation, and tutorial. Open to all who identify as women. Feel free to join us!

Django Girls Taipei

Django Girls Taipei was founded by Michelle Leu in 2014. We held casual tutorials, workshops, meetups to help girls build their own Django website. Highly recommend to girls with basic understanding of Django to join us!.