PyCon, also known as the Python Annual Conference, is the annual event of the global Python community.

PyCon is spontaneously organized by fellow locals, and now Taiwan has its own Python annual conference. This event aims to gather people who use Python in various fields in Taiwan to exchange their experiences, share the latest technological developments, and experience the unique enthusiasm of the community.

Four reasons not to miss PyCon Taiwan

In addition to the speeches from the language features of Python to various application cases, we also attach great importance to the exchanges between participants and the possibility of cooperation between developers, providing a forum for entrepreneurs to exchange and discuss, and reach the community. The purpose of group skills and development.

Look for cooperation
Share yourself
Python skills
Awesome speeches

What activities are there in the annual meeting?

3 speeches + 7 activities

There are a total of 3 speeches and 7 different activities in the annual meeting. It can be said to be very diverse, allowing you to absorb knowledge from the speech, and at the same time to meet many friends from various parties in the exchange activities.

  • Speeches include: keynote speeches, general speeches, professional courses

  • Activities include: warm-up events, sprint, open space, lightning talk, JobFair, PyNight, PyCast

If you want to learn more about each event or want to register for the above events, welcome to watch the agenda overview page.