Doujin Activity in Japan with Ren’Py


I have been using Ren'Py for eight years in Doujin activities. Ren'Py is Python based visual novel game engine. In the past eight years, I felt many benefits using Ren'Py. This talk demonstrates the benefits of using it. The author also describes how Ren'Py evolved from the user's point of view.


## Introduction Ren'Py is a Python-based game engine for developing a Novel game. I have used this engine for game development in Doujin activities for eight years. In this talk, I would like to convey the goodness of Ren'Py based on eight years of experience. ## Advantages of Ren'Py Among the advantages are: * Low learning cost * Easily develop cross-platform games * GUI is simple and easy to understand * Easy implementation using Python * Implementation of the game is possible without using Python There are many other benefits. This talk will also compare with other game engines. ## Conclusion Ren'Py is a novel game engine. The engine is implemented in Python and is easy to extend. Therefore, it is the best choice for those who want to make a game. Also, in this talk, I would like to convey the goodness of handling Python in the development of my hobbies.


Daisuke Saito

Daisuke Saito is a assistant professor of the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University in Japan. He acquired a Doctor of Engineering degree from Waseda University in Japan. His research interests include programming education and digital game-based learning.