Smart Things + Home Assistant: build your own smart home


Our world will be composed of more and more connected devices. Smart things will enrich our life started from our home. However, with no standard in place for communication, devices are unable to recognize to each other and work together well.

An open source project, "Home Assistant", brings us into the practical home automation world. Building on Python, the home automation platform was implemented to take control of their houses, their data, and their privacy. In this talk, I will start by introducing a concept of home automation, the general concept of "Home Assistant" and it's components. Then, a sample demo will bring you a real scenario along with introducing configurations.


本演講將會透過"Home Assistant" 這個開源專案,來介紹如何搭建一個智慧家庭系統。 將介紹的python 專案: "Home Assistant": * 超過 750 implementations * 不需要其他的 cloud services * Python3 編寫 * 有極為活躍的社群支持著 Materials and sample code



Shuhsi Lin

A data engineer and python programmer. Currently working on various data applications in a manufacturing company.

Research interests: IoT applications, data streaming processing, data analysis and data visualization.