Educational Code Reviews


You probably already know about "code review", it's a process where a team member reads another team member's code change, to ensure the quality of the software, as well as keeping the team in sync. When it comes to programming education, though, we also do code reviews, but it's a little different.

In this talk, I want to share about my experience of being a project reviewer at Udacity and what I learnt from it. Essentially a project reviewer does code reviews on students' course project submissions. But different than the code reviews we normally talk about, a project reviewer does code reviews more specifically in an educational sense, I'll also cover the comparisons between these two types of code reviews.


When you see someone writing repetitive code, how would you ask him/her to refactor it? When you see a piece of code misuses Pandas DataFrame so that he/she uses for-loops where it can be replaced by vectorised operations, what would you respond to he/she? As a developer in a team, these questions may sound stupid and trivial, "Just tell the guy to do so!". However, as a mentor, one should really use a completely different mindset and approach so that the student benefits the most. I would like to share to you in this talk about how I respond to students in these situations as a project reviewer. Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for Udacity



廖偉涵 Adrian Liaw

高中三年都在家自學還可以延畢的高三自學生,用行動證明就連缺乏教育的屁孩也可以學會寫 Python,常常被嘴說現在的小朋友都怎樣怎樣的。

Adrian is a guy who doesn't really know what he's doing and seriously needs some life advises. He's currently a high school student but not actually in a physical high school because of the lack of school that accepts him. Oh by the way he does Python.