Millions way to avoid overfitting when building a portfolio


Chia-Yi Yen /英語


portfolio, quantitative finance, overfitting


You never know how to build a successful portfolio that always gives you significant return, but you definitely should know what would make you build a model that is doomed to be a failure. Overfitting is the most common one. In the brief talk, I would like to share some experience how to avoid overfitting. At least in some ways. The examples would be shown in Python toolkit like ipython, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, and seaborn.


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Chia-Yi Yen, you can call her "Yen" just like the Japanese dollar yen, is a financial engineer in a local hedge fund. She has been responsible for multi-factor model construction, data infrastructure, data Extract-Transform-Load solution, and other numeric analysis projects. She is active in many open-source communities like Python and R, and she is also the organizer of Taiwan R-Ladies community, which is a female meetup of everything about data in the world of R language.


Risksoft Technology Ltd., Quantitative Strategies Department


Financial Engineer