Text Analytics for Human: TextBlob - Ken Hu

Text Analytics for Human: TextBlob

Ken Hu /英語(米国)

The use of text analytics, or natural language processing (NLP), has been steadily growing the past few years. As organizations aim to better understand the social web, the ability to analyst user-generated content becomes extremely valuable. However, the go-to library for NLP, nltk, was mainly built for academic use. Thus, it's not friendly for developers needing something out of the box. I will introduce a new library TextBlob that wraps around nltk and pattern (another academia-driven library) and make NLP a more developer friendly and pythonic task.

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I am a data scientist, software developer, and aspiring entrepreneur. I'm especially interested in machine learning, information retrieval, text analytics, and cloud technology. My weapon of choice is Python. I previously founded a social data analysis company and developed its core technology. I grew the startup into a profitable entity, without any outside funding.


text analytics, machine learning, information retrieval, startup

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Data Scientist

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