HiPy - Python for High School Students - Song Kai

HiPy - Python for High School Students

Song Kai /英語(米国)

【Abstract】 The ever progressing technology is no doubt beneficial to mankind. However, the current inventions derived from new technology is not thorough enough to cover the needs of more focused groups. More importantly, students often find themselves hard to go beyond passively receiving information and stretch their own ability to become active drivers of positive change by channeling curriculum to real life. This is where innovation and creation of tailored applications set in. This talk, by a group of three students from Dunman High School, Singapore, serves to allow people to better understand the needs of high school students and how Python can be used to benefit them. Examples based on the authors' personal observations and experiences together with illustration of procedures and real-time demonstration will be presented to show how Python can be thoughtfully utilized as an inventive computational thinking and practical problem solving tool to enrich the lives of students. Through our sharing, we would like to inspire more ideas on developing Python applications of close relevance to students and hopefully, encourage more students to use Python to actively improve their school experience. 【Outline】 Brief description of current high school students' school life in Singapore. How technology has improved their quality of life and in what other aspects can further progression be made by using Python. Case Study 1: Observation: Global aging population due to declining fertility rates despite students' increasing open-mindedness Problem: Lack of opportunities to develop healthy relationships from young Proposed solution: Crushes (Google App Engine in Python) Case Study 2: Observation: Lectures being a norm in Singapore high schools as preparation for university Problem: Students take blurred pictures of the presentation slides as they are unable to catch up with the pace of the lecture Proposed solution: Blurred Words Recognition (OpenCV) Case Study 3: Observation: Crowded school canteen during recess time Problem: Many students, being unaware of how long they have to wait, queue up for a specific stall, causing long waiting time and inconvenience Proposed solution: Canteen real time monitoring (Raspberry Pi) Conclusion and future work

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Nie Shuyue: New learner of Programming. Studying for Python since 2013 and learned a bit of Java and HTML. Had some hands on projects using mainly Python and tried using Python with Google App Engine and Pygame. It is fun to learn Python. :) Wu Chenmu: 2005 -2007 Learning BASIC 2012 - Learning Python, C++ and Java Study art for 4 years, good at graphic design, web design and UI design. Has experience in both competitive programming and mobile application development. Song Kai: 2006 - 2007 Learning BASIC 2008 - 2011 Learning PASCAL 2012 - Learning C++ 2013 - Learning Python Has experience in both competitive programming (algorithm based) and application development. Hopes to make good combination of both aspects of coding to bring more convenience to people’s daily life. Some Python projects done: http://elijahsk.pythonanywhere.com/ (Flask based) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dessert.program (Pygame based, in collaboration with Shuyue) http://dhstreasurerkit.appspot.com (GAE based) Others: We have one female presenter Shuyue and through this presentation, we would like to encourage more female students to try Python and bravely voice out their own experiences. All three of us are Year 6 (Grade 12) students from Dunman High School, Singapore. Last year we have been through Project Work where systematic report and interactive oral presentation are the main focus of learning. We are confident that we can give the audience an engaging presentation experience. We have good ability to converse in Mandarin, hence are able to reach out to a broader / more local audience.


high school, Google App Engine, Raspberry Pi, OpenCV

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