PyConTW 2013 Tutorial


May 24, 2013 (Friday) 09:00 - 17:00

Target Audience

This is a novice level tutorial, covering Core Python, libraries, its culture and ecosystem.

The tutorial is spoken in Mandarin, written in English.


Justin Lin

Be famous for "The Caterpillar’s Gossip" (; currently a freelancer; professional in technical writing and training. Enjoy studying programming languages, frameworks and communities; learn designs, paradigms and cultures from them. Writing what he’s learned occupies most of the leisure time. Online documentation covers areas about C/C + +, Java, Scala, Ruby / Rails, Python, JavaScript, etc.

Course Outline

  • Picking and installing an Interpreter
  • Introduction to Unicode support
  • Basic Input and Output
  • Built-in Types
  • if, for, while and for Comprehensions
  • Functions, Modules, Classes and Packages
  • The Community
  • Documentation
  • Data Management Functions
  • Object serialization
  • Database
  • Django
  • Test
  • ... ...