Keynote Speaker: David Beazley

Let's welcome David Beazley and his keynote speech in PyCon Taiwan 2013.

David Beazley is a well-known hacker in the Python community, the author of Python Cookbook and Python Essential Reference, and the original developer of Swig ( He has been programming computers of various sorts for more than 30 years. David first came across Python in 1996 when he was writing high-performance software for supercomputers. He developed Swig to help add scripting language interfaces to scientific software. Today, this is mainstream practice, but in 1998 it was still a radical idea. Although being a die-hard C programmer, David uses Python for doing just about everything that would be annoyingly tedious to do in C. By the way, the forthcoming third edition of Python Cookbook will be in print by 25th May, the day you meet the author in PyCon Taiwan.